Saturday, October 1, 2011

sss'11 - Final Days

Days 25 to 30

Day 25: This I didn't upload to Flickr, as my daughter thought I'd embarrass myself, showing a house shawl, that I've been using for many many years, as opposed to the haute couture outfits other participants displayed. I kind of think she was right. But this is what I donned on Sunday - a triangular shawl, knit by me in my high school girl years. I did knit some not bad items then, but this is the only one in use, so I believe this makes it the oldest ever item in my wardrobe still in use:

Day 26: The cashmere-bamboo sweater. I love everything about this item and I do wear it a lot:

Day 27: Three or maybe four years ago while on vacation in Turkey I used to wear this combination of linen top and orange cardigan a lot and I loved it. So for this day I thought I'd try it again, in combination with my knitted beaded purse. Well, I think I shouldn't wear waist cut tops any longer :(

Day 28: This was the day with the night photo challenge. I uploaded the picture from the parking lot, and this is the one we took in the shop, and I think it's more lively. I thought this cardigan was the tops when I made it last year, but now - isn't it kind of simple?

Day 29: Back to Breeze. I think the color becomes me, so I've bought a few more skeins of the yarn and I'm planning on knitting Kim Hargreaves's Anaiis with it:

Day 30: Ironic. I hoped to be able at least to finish the month with a new item. No go. I've been in a ditch for the whole summer, so for the last day of September (still comfortably warm, hurray) I resurrected this cotton top (Verena pattern) I knit some time ago. It's a nice pattern though, probably I might do it again, a bit differently?

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