Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Month of Self-Stitched Clothes

I've enjoyed my first web challenge immensely, and though not having to think so carefully of what to wear, and how to make some family member (in the end I had to beg and bribe :) to take a photo of me, I feel a bit of emptiness too.
So, what did I gain from this challenge (apart from a huge amount of pictures of myself). I found some articles in my wardrobe, which I had discarded as old and uninteresting, I got to wear more of my self-made clothes than I would have, or at least other than the two or three, that I would have worn. But most importantly, now I know that I've done it all wrong this past year. Summer sweaters may look nice, but are unpractical, while summer cardigans are needed all the time. I also need one or two practical hooded winter cardigans and more 3/4 sleeved and long sleeved bamboo, cotton and wool sweaters. I might also try a crocheted cotton skirt next year.
Then I want to try my hand at sewing again, I need more summer dresses and skirts.
At least I know what I want for my upcoming birthday - a new sewing machine :)
A kaleidoscope of the sss'11:

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  1. You have some simply beautiful garments... your work is so inspiring to me! I like your breakdown of what you need and what you don't. It is great to make things as the passion strikes, but some things are definitely more "useful" than others, it is true!
    Thank you for all your kind comments, too :)