Sunday, July 24, 2011

Light Yogurt Cake

The recipe originated in the blog of Sladka Hapka and I saw it recently as a raspberry variation here.
Well, I had to give it a try, more so that I had the biscuits and muesli.
So, all you need:
  • biscuits,
  • muesli, raisins (I used muesli with 40% fruit content),
  • yogurt (three 400 g containers),
  • powdered sugar (optional, but my husband won't eat it unsweetened),
  • soft fruit (berries would be best, but these sweet soft and ripe pears did just fine).
Place the first row of biscuits in a large dish and spread the sweetened yogurt.

Cover with fruit and muesli, spread yogurt.

Follows the next row of biscuits. I poured some jam too (the children had eaten the plums and only the jelly was left, so it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of this jar :)

Again spread the yogurt, arrange the fruit and muesli on top and leave it to rest in the fridge for at least a day.

Bonn appétit!

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