Monday, February 11, 2019

FO: Lavandula

Yesterday was a rare sunny and warm day and Gaby and I used the golden hour to photoshoot my latest finished work for her - Lavandula. This year I am drawn to simple, elegant models, mostly stockinette stitch with a twist. The unusual construction, a few beads (hard to catch on photo but showy enough in real life) and irregular stripes make for a classy sweater out of this simple T-shirt model.

Pattern: Lavandula, based on Olga Kondratyeva's video
Yarn: Zegna Baruffa Kent, 200 g, 100% Italian merino, two threads
Zegna Baruffa Cashwool, 20g, 100% Italian merino, three threads
Needle: 4 mm, 3.5 mm ribbing
Time to knit: 11 days

In line with the still ruling oversize trend I made the sweater with positive ease and an A line silhouette.

The ribbing is open and for this sweater I tried a new trick - overlapping rib and applied I-cord at the edges of the openings.

The neckline is left raw, with simple long-tail cast on. If it proves uncomfortable for wear, I can always pick up the stitches and add some ribbing.

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