Sunday, May 27, 2018

In Cherna Gora Mountain, 2018

One of the best trails we've found not far from home - the 6.5 km chain of dirty roads from the village of Planinitza to Tumba peak in Cherna Gora mountain. It is almost level, very well kept and with gorgeous scenery in all seasons.

: Poppies are probably my most favourite flowers and I've been hoping to come upon a poppy filed some day. So when I saw these on our way to Planinitza we had to stop the car and go back and take pictures:

: The landscape in the western part of the country is mountainous, so it's peaks 360o

: Arguing about the species of a bunch of mushrooms by the track. Googles knows best :)

: Gaby was very enthusiastic about this yellow-bellied toad, as she had recently studied it in university. I didn't know they had such yellow bellies underneath.

: On peak Tumba

: We had our picnic near the peak and joked about the gathering white clouds and could they bring rain

: And as we were leaving back the rain came for a few minutes and soon was gone

: We watch it rain in the valley down but then wind blew the clouds above us and it was a true spring thunderstorm, with thunders, rain and even hail for about 30 min. We had our raincoats on, but our legs and feet got all muddy and wet.

: And then the rain stopped and the sun was again up and shining, the day was very warm.

: The wheat fields are so beautiful


  1. Oh my that spider and oh boy a squishy toad!

  2. Perfect family activity! Those poppies are stunning; there is a true magic about wildflowers and mountain air!