Monday, November 6, 2017

Zemen Mountain

Yesterday we had a most wonderful autumn hike in the Zemen mountain among oak forests and grassy meadows along a circular trail. We hadn't been to Zemen before and couldn't find any GPS tracks, the paths there aren't marked, so we joined a hiking group. The group turned out to be huge - probably some 40 people, which isn't ideal, as hikers tend to have different favourite pace and different stamina. However we were lucky as we found a fast paced guide and soon a smaller fraction of 5 (husband and I included) with two lively dogs sped ahead of the larger group and managed to complete the whole circular trail - a total of 19 km.

:: The entire mountain turned to be covered with oak forests - so beautiful!

:: The morning was foggy, but pleasant for walk

:: From Zemen we hiked to the ruins of Mrachki Monastery from early XIV century

:: The monastery is now abandoned, but the main church still stands

:: Then our trail led us to the village of Zablyano

:: across the river Struma

:: Around noon the fog dispersed and we could enjoy the wonderful views to the mountains and the valleys below

:: up to the Zamblyano Monastery, where we had our late snacks

:: and down the hill back to Zemen

:: Part of our fast paced group

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