Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kopitoto-Boyana Falls 2017

Today's hike on Vitosha - husband and I took the map and decided to make a round route, following the paths on the map and combining into one trail places, we've hiked before from different starting points. We left the car at the Golden bridges place and went to Kopitoto peak with the TV tower. Then we continued to the Boyana Falls - I've been many times there, but always hiking from below and this time we were high and descended to the falls from above, visiting the upper threshold first. After a short lunch break at the foot of the falls we climbed back up to Momina skala hut and from there back to the Golden Bridges - I just love it when the route is so intense and circular.

A wet meadow near the Golden Bridges
The path to Kopitoto

Kopitoto peak and the TV tower
A view to Sofia - there were clouds, but the wind carried them away

The Boyana river and a small fall before the big falls

The gorge of Boyana river

The upper threshold of the falls. I can only hope my children do not take such unfounded risks as the young folk on the photo :(
At the foot of the falls

Me, myself and I at the Boyana Falls :)


  1. Wow, what a climb for you, but what a view! I love a path lined by trees.

  2. Колко е красива България през пролетта!