Sunday, January 29, 2017

Polska Skakavitza Falls

Pictures from our hike yesterday to the breath-taking beautiful frozen waterfall of one of Stuma's small tributaries - Polska Skakavitza in the Zemen Mountains. We joined for the first time a new hiking group and were very pleasantly surprised how much we liked the guide and the hikers. The day was very sunny and the hike was absolutely marvelous - choosing this group and this route felt almost like winning the lottery :))


  1. It's so trippy to see a fall frozen like that. How great you have a group of friends who like to hike like you and your husband.

    1. It was all WOWs when we saw the waterfall - all falls are spectacular, but frozen falls are even more beautiful than regular ones :)

  2. Wow! What a magical place - the frozen waterfall is just spectacular... I also adore seeing photos of your hiking group - it seems like everybody is having such a great time together! Just precious!

  3. I'm really happy there are so many hikers in Bulgaria and FB makes it possible to find them and organize them together. It's such fun when you hike with nice lighthearted people!