Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ancient Stagira

One of our days in Greece we spent in Ancient Stagira - the birth place of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. It turned a wonderful 3-in-1 combination - sightseeing of old ruins, hiking and bathing on the beach. Оld Stagira is situated on two hills, forming a small peninsular and is very picturesque and beautiful to explore. The site is open for visitors free of charge, there are information boards and paths around the excavation works and it's really fascinating and totally worth the effort!

::The agora

::The village of Olympiada, seen from the hills of Stagira

::Part of the wall and the temple of Demeter

::We went around the entire peninsular

::We even went down to a small beach, hidden between the rocks. The sea was very calm and the water not very cold - it was pleasant to walk in the shallow

:: On the western fortress wall

:: The small uninhabited island of Kavkanas, believed to be the grave place of Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great

:: A strange (to us) fruit. I'm still trying to find out what is this and is it edible (we didn't risk it).
P.S. I think I found it - Strawberry Tree and it's edible. I wish I had dared to try it :)

:: On the next day we came back to Olympiada and had a picnic on the small beach to the left on the photo

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