Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mt. Polovrak

We've been quite busy with work these last weeks and I've had little time to blog, or knit. Still, we manage to squeeze in at least half a day of hiking in the near-by mountains and today we were in тhe Lozen mountain.
Lozen is a low green mountain that is absolutely gorgeous in spring and early summer and only 30 min by car from our home.

The eco-trail starts at the end of the village of Lozen and leads to the St. Spas Monastery.

The beautiful grounds of the monastery

The hills at the foot of Polovrak

Dam Pasarel in the distance

On Mt. Polovrak (1182 m)

The first wild strawberries are now ripe


  1. As always, stunning and inspiring!

  2. oh wow, that mountain looks amazing, what a beautiful hike! I love the photos, an that monastery looks magical.