Saturday, April 2, 2016


Today was a perfect April day - sunny, warm and fresh and we wanted to enjoy it fully. We chose for our hike an open field track that we walked two years ago - from the village of Baylovo to Spasova mogila hill and back. It was so relaxing - total silence but for the buzzing of bees and the occasional chirping of birds. We met no one on the track, only two tractors working in the fields. If we lived nearby I would be walking these fields every day ...

A view to Baylovo in the distance

The small St. Spas chapel on top of the hill

An ecclesiastical stone, dated around the 10th century

A view from the top to the nearby village of Golema Rakovitza

Back to Baylovo - the museum of Bulgarian classic Elin Pelin,
who was born and lived in the village


  1. I can't believe the color of the grass - so surreal!!! I can almost feel the fresh April wind and smell of wildflowers through your photos...

    1. It's really very green, but I suppose because these are crops - watered and fertilized. It was truly amazing, walking through these fields!