Monday, February 16, 2015

Peles Puzzle

I've assembled another puzzle. This one I got from an exchange with another puzzle enthusiast for one of my puzzles. It was fairly difficult to assemble, but interesting and I finished it in two days. The quality of the brand - D-Toys, is comparable to Jumbo, but much inferior to my favourite Schmidt or Ravensburger. The pieces are almost all the same form, the cuts are wide, which allows misplacement and does not hold the pieces together well. But the picture itself is beautiful, I love castles and it was a joy to assemble it.

Puzzle: Peles Castle, Romania
Brand: D-Toys, 1000 pcs.
Time to assemble: 2 days

And the reason I loved it so much - I have very nice memories of visiting Peles castle with my family in the spring of 2009. I took a walk along memory lane today and chose a few pictures of the castle as we saw it then.

How grown the children are now!

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  1. Two days? 1,000 pieces? That is astounding! And I really like how you traded puzzles. They're not wasted and you get something new to challenge you.