Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vrana Palace

Today was our first visit to Vrana Palace, which opened its gates to the public last summer. The park is beautiful even as early in spring as today, but it will be magnificent in early summer and autumn - so we'll come back soon. Hopefully the palace itself will be restored by then and open for viewing too. For our first visit we chose a guided tour - a charming young student from the University of Forestry told us about the history of the place, the various trees and plants, the architecture and landscape designs. Although the park is excellently marked and labeled, viewing the place with the help of a guide made it so much more alive and memorable. After the end of the tour we went around the park once again, trying to recognize and recall the names of the more interesting trees and plants.

The central plane-tree alley 

The lakes are still empty and the lilies are hibernating

The big rockery

The dog cemetery

The palace


  1. Wow. What a palace. And even a dog cemetary? Sweet to show how they were beloved by their owners.

  2. Как у вас красиво!!Весна уже,всёцветёт)))

  3. Радвам се,че дворецът Врана е отворил врати за посещение.Дори в ранна пролет е красиво място за разходка и отдих.

  4. Beautiful! You and your family visit the best places!