Thursday, December 29, 2011


Project: Aesderina / Wurm Hybrid
Yarn: Lanoso Alpacana 35% wool 40% acrylic 25% alpaca
Needle: 5 mm
Time to knit: 1 day

Everything about this hat is a murky blend - the color from grey through blue to brown, the yarn from wool through acrylic to alpaca, the pattern from Aesderina through Slouchy Hat to Wurm. The pattern has the potential for a nice slouchy hat and I might give it a try with some other yarn, but the 130 m of this ball sufficed only for a beanie - but a warm and comfortable one.

This was a very quick knit - only a few hours of film watching and knitting yesterday, and today was its field test - an hour and a half stay outside by the skate ring, while the children where skating; and my head was kept warm the whole time - so it's definitely a keeper. Maybe I should make myself some socks out of this yarn too - because my feet were freezing in the end :)


  1. It looks so cozy! I love the third picture, where you can see it from the back :-)

  2. I love that hat! I am off to look at the pattern. The yarn colors are perfect for it too. The photos of ice skating are wonderful. We normally have a White Christmas but it's been rainy here. I wish we could ice skate out on our pond.

  3. The hat looks great. Happy New Year.

  4. Great hat. Love the photos too.

    Happy new year!

  5. I love it - it looks warm and soft too! Great pics of the skating - takes me back to when I used to go with my friends many years ago...

  6. That's a great hat! I like knitting hats because they finish up so quickly! Looks like you had a great time.