Saturday, February 5, 2011

False start

Finally, yesterday I started Moni's sweater - and ripped it out today.
Something was wrong with my tubular cast on - it was not elastic, should've
check it out on the youtube first.
Then it was too wide. Forget the patterns, claiming that 3 year old boys wear 40 cm wide sweaters - that's the size of my sweater, for heaven's sake!
I'm starting it again today with 16 stitches less, in the round.
But then, there's still the issue of the insufficient yarn. Theoretically, adding a
third color would definitely make the sweater nicer.
I've come up with two final designs (the first is Gabie's, the second mine), still wondering which would be THE ONE.
However, finding the right yarn after visiting three yarn stores today proved mission impossible.
The POLY polyester-wool blend, which I bought willy-nilly is coarse and no match to the fine Merino de lux.
Ah, the knitter's worries, they never end :)
But I found just the perfect buttons for my Arielle - modeled session tomorrow morning!

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