Sunday, January 8, 2023

My Make Nine in 2023

Last year I made my first Make Nine pledge - nine specific clothing items I intended to sew in 2022. Of course, as is quite typical of me, I quickly forgot and abandoned the pledge - pledges, challenges and lists are clearly not my thing. 

Of the nine patterns I had decided to make, I made only three - the denim jacket, twice - for myself and then for Gaby, the Vikisews hoodie for my husband and the dirndl for Gaby, probably my most complicated sewing project last year.

Still, though I rarely stick to plans, it is always informing and curious to me to find out where I was a year ago. For that reason, and because I still think a plan is a good thing, I decided to pledge a new bunch of Make Nine this year.

The first three on my list are the last three patterns I bought in 2022. These are expensive indie designer patterns and I am determined to make use of them, at least once.

1. Sinclair Lotte Hoodie. Although I have plenty of hoodie patterns, I've been a sucker for colorblocking lately and this original hoodie was a must have for me. And while I was on this mindwave and because in was Boxing Day and Sinclair patterns had a sale I bought a similar hoodie for my husband:

2. Sinclair Apollo Hoodie. I'm determined to give it a try, though I might make it as a sweater out of thinner knit fabric.

3. Nightwear from Love Notions. I am a huge Love Notions fan and I've been gradually building a collection of their patterns. I love the curved colorblock detail and I might use it in a blouse or tunic, not just on a nightgown.

The next six items I have planned include three of my previous year Make Nine and three new ones. This year I want to sew jeans and jackets and I also plan a cocktail dress for Gaby - very ambitious :)

4. A coat - I have several Burda patterns and I intend to try at least one of them, probably using a coat fabric I have in my stash for my first try.

5. Fleece Jacket. This is Burda 6337 from their 2019 catalogue. Gaby asked for more second layer clothes, so i plan to make this one for her.

6. Jeans. I am definitely going to try this pattern for myself, I have the fabric already.

7. Some formal dress for Gaby. I think I'll start with this pattern - Burda #126 01/2015 is very feminine with interesting shoulder details, but I would make it with a different style skirt.

8. New cargo pants for husband - he definitely needs a new pair and i am planning to try this Burda pattern this year.

9. And finally something for Alex - summer shorts. I never came to making these for him last year, as I couldn't find suitable fabric. The pattern I have is Burda #137 04/2016

Now that I have made the pledge, I am so curious to see what I will actually make in 2023. Time will show :)

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