Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Sinclair Lotte Blouse

 And just like that I made myself another Sinclair Lotte :)

Alex's and husband's recent blouses left me with substantial pieces of soft cotton viscose knit fabric in colors, that go just perfectly together - black and brick, and besides, I had just the pattern for a colorblock blouse - the Sinclair Lotte Hoodie.

For this iteration of the pattern I chose to use two of the elements I discarded in my first Sinclair Lotte - the thumbhole cuff and the double color cowl.

The thumbhole cuff was actually probably the first element that truly attracted me to this pattern - my hands are constantly cold in winter and I love long sleeves and long cuffs, which I can pull over my hands. In this regard I am funnily the opposite of my husband who is invariably annoyed with long sleeves.

Initially, while I was planning the blouse, I thought of adding just a simple neckpiece around the neck, but then I found that I would have sufficient fabric remnants to make a cowl. Mine is not as high as the pattern's cowl goes, as I didn't have enough brick fabric, but I think it is long enough to give a nice drape around the neck.

Size: Petite (152-160 cm) XS (US 2)
Fabric: cotton viscose knit, brick and black
Time to make: 3 days

I didn't have a piece, long enough for the entire back, so I had to think of colorblocking it too. I'm still not sure whether my decision to cut the back horizontally at the shoulder blades level, like in most blouses with yokes, was correct or should I have kept the tilted colorblock line of the front. Either way, I am sure it would have looked good and I like the simplicity of the back the way I made it. I might try the tilted line some other time.

I am really very, very pleased with my blouse, I adore the color combination and the only thing that I might do differently the next time is to add 2 cm to the length of the body. I used to hate long blouses, but I am strangely making mine longer and longer lately. Maybe it's just a phase :))

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