Sunday, January 15, 2023

Brick Burda Men's Longsleeve

At the end of last year I made a simple black longsleeve for Alex, using one of my true-and-tried Burda patterns. I liked the cotton-viscose knit fabric of the blouse a lot and i liked the blouse on my husband, when he posed for a few photos in it. 

So, when I went to my favourite fabric store downtown, one of the fabrics I had in mind to buy was more of the black viscose knit. But they had even better - brick color viscose knit! Brick is one of both husband's and mine favourite colors and choosing this fabric was a no-brainer. 

Because husband is a bit more solid than Alex, for him I cut the next size - 48, adding again 5 cm to the length of the body (including hem) and 4 cm to the length of the sleeves. One addition I made which turned quite unnecessary was 1 cm widening of the neck opening. That is, I intentionally cut the neck opening without adding seam allowances, in order to make it wider, as I was worried that the pattern was a bit tight around the neck. It might be so for the smallest size 46, but it was definitely not the case with 48. Anyway, it is a light viscose longsleeve, so it is not intended to provide great warmth and coverage and a wider neckline is passable.

Size: 48 with with added length
Fabric: cotton viscose knit
Time to make: 2 days


The pattern is more or less a straightforward longsleeve,  with slim fit and shoulder seams, shifted 2 cm to the front. I overstitched the shoulder seams, the neckpiece and the hems with double needle and covered the seam of back neck opening with an additional fabric band, as is done in high quality RTW T-shirts.

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