Monday, January 9, 2023

My 2022 - a Year Review

2022 was a productive, but actually a bit of an unusual year. Until I went through my pictures, I had actually no idea I had sewn so many blouses and hoodies in 2022. It was probably an unintentional reaction to some fancy dresses and skirts I had sewn in the previous years and which I have rarely worn, but this year I stuck almost entirely to practical items made of knit fabrics.

One of the items of the year was the hoodie - I made a total of 8 hoodies, three for myself, three for Gaby, one for husband and one for Gaby's boyfriend. In this category I have also added the two light denim jackets I made for myself and for Gaby.

Then there are the blouses - I made nine blouses and tops for myself, all of them are things I wear and love.
In 2022 I also sewed a lot for Gaby - I made her ten new tops!
And I also made some joggers and pants, mostly for myself, as I needed to update my sports wardrobe. The most interesting and complicated item I finished in 2022 was a traditional dirndl for Gaby.
While sewing all the things, I almost stopped knitting. The only sweater I made was a gift for my mother, most of which I had knit the previous year. However, I did experiment a lot with sock yarn dyeing and some sock knitting. I have enough socks already, but I love knitting socks and I don't feel so much like knitting sweaters, so I suppose I'll continue filling in my wardrobe with hand dyed socks.
In 2022 we went on a lot of hikes, we tried some new trails and revisited a couple of old favourites. The collage shows some of the more interesting places and notable hikes we had this year.
So, plans for 2023? The only actual goal I have set to myself is to finish the German Duolingo tree and to try for a certificate at the end of the year. B1 would be ideal, but I might settle for A2 for 2023.

As for sewing and knitting, I should try to get out of the knitwear comfort zone and go back to more complicated woven fabric items, like dresses, coats and jeans. I expect I will finish my yellow fisherman sweater and I have at least one more sweater for Gaby in mind.

We haven't been to the sea for a while, so in 2023 we plan a couple of days at the Black sea shore. We also plan to try camping in a tent - we'll see how it goes, I'm a bit skeptical. And I hope we'll manage to organize a short trip abroad - there are so many other European countries we haven't visited yet.

And of course, most of all, I wish we'll all stay healthy and happy.


  1. Very impressive year! I think this layout is brilliant.

    You are very brave taking on a tent :)

  2. Thank you!!! We actually bought the tent at the beginning of autumn last year, but didn't dare to use it in the colder months. Hopefully we'll try it at least once this summer :)