Friday, January 13, 2023

Sinclair Lotte Hoodie

My first make for 2023 - the Sinclair Lotte Hoodie.

I've been in love with this pattern for quite a while, I like its unusual construction, its original hood, its elongated cuffs with openings for the thumbs and most of all - the fact that it can be a great utilizer of big chunks of remnant fabrics.

After finishing Gaby's dark blue set of pants and hoodie and Vali's hoodie I had some pretty large pieces of thick and soft sweatpants knit in green and dark navy blue. They were not big enough for a man's hoodie, but as I am pretty small, I reckoned I should be able to squeeze a hoodie my size out of them. In the end I was even left with a few pocket sized pieces, which I might use in future projects.

The hoodie comes with a few variations - you can have regular cuffs or palm-long cuffs with thumb openings and there are also two options for the hood - the signature Sinclair hood or a cowl. And of course, the greatest variety of all comes from the endless possibilities for colorblock combinations.

As my fabric was pretty thick, I decided to skip the front pockets - they are formed by tripling the central front panel. I hike and go for walks in my hoodies, so I was positive I wanted the hood. And again, because my fabric was rather solid, I opted for rib knit cuffs and hem instead of the more fiddly thumbhole cuffs.

Size: Petite (152-160 cm) XS (US 2)
Fabric: three-thread sweatshirt knit, rib knit (cuffs and hem), two-thread knit (lining of hood)
Time to make: 5 days

Note: My only modification to the pattern, apart from skipping the pockets, is taking some 2 cm from the length. As my fabric is very thick and not very stretchy, there isn't much room for a thin blouse underneath and the hoodie needs to be worn over a tank top. It seems, the pattern is constructed with thinner and more stretchy knit fabrics in mind. On the other hand, I've been wearing it this week regularly and I find it pretty comfy and sufficiently warm as a first layer over lingerie. Its modern vibe even won me some compliments from a friend, when we met over coffee - it's always so nice and heartwarming to surprise people in response to a compliment with "I made this" :)

And I have already a new Sinclair Lotte on my mind, as another remnant-busting project - nothing gives me more satisfaction than using up fabric to its last pieces!

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