Tuesday, January 10, 2023

First Hike in 2023 - In the Lozen Mountain

Saturday was another brilliant, sunny and comfortably warm for January day and we decided to revisit peak Bachun in the Lozen mountain, starting from the village of Gorni Lozen.

The village is only some 15-20 min drive by car from home, located at the foot of the northern slopes of the Lozen mountain.

Unlike during our hike in March last year, this time there was no snow and the climb up the trails was fairly easy, despite the decent elevation gain.
Gradishte - this small hill is supposed to be the place of a demolished medieval fortress, but we saw no traces of it.
Hike info:

Destination: peak Bachun (1150 m) and Lanina Mogila (1188 m)
Mountain: Lozen
Total length: 12 km
Elevation gain: 460 m
Total duration (plus picnic): 4 hours
Average difficulty: 5 / 10 

Me-made items, worn on this hike:
Husband: men's boxers, hat
I: socks, lingerie, Grasser black blouse, Sinclair Lotte hoodie, on and off: CC copycat hat, Borika gloves
:On peak Bachun (1150 m)

We reached the peak fairly quickly and as the day was glorious and we felt in excellent form, we decided to continue along the trail. This part along the ridge of the mountain between Bachun and Rakovichka Mogila was probably the most beautiful part of the trail.

We had our picnic here, on a sunny patch of grass, overlooking the distant snowy peaks of Rila - absolutely delightful!
Once we came down to the main crossing of trails, we decided to continue and climb up to the next peaks - Small Lanina Mogila and Lanina Mogila.
A view to smog covered Sofia
Vitosha to the west
Rila and Iskar reservoir to the south-east
The saddle between Small Lanina Mogila and Lanina Mogila
On Lanina Mogila (1188 m)
Once we climbed Lanina Mogila, we decided to try a new for us trail, which goes down the peak from the opposite side and then takes a turn back to Gorni Lozen.

Back to the village of Lozen. What a gorgeous day we had!

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