сряда, 28 август 2019 г.

Rilska Skakavitza in the Summer, 2019

In February we hiked for the second time to the frozen Rilska Skakavitza waterfall - one of my favourite places in Rila. I thought that this place couldn't look more spectacular than how we saw it then - deep shiny white snow and green pines, covered with frost. This Sunday we climbed to the waterfalls again and saw the valley in color for the first time. And now I'm torn which is more impressive - the calm and potent beauty of the frozen mountain or the colorful scenery of water running, jumping and falling among flowers, grasses and ripe raspberries.

Skakavitza hut

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  1. Loved the pics of the rocky hill leading up to the waterfall and of the dangling flowers in the cute town.

  2. Рилска Скакавица през летния сезон е прекрасна гледка:много горски цветя сред искрящата вода на водопада.Очарована съм!