събота, 10 август 2019 г.

Birch Tree Socks

Last summer I transformed a cowl I had knitted out of self-dyed sock yarn, into a double hat.  I tried to wear this hat during the past winter, but it turned out to be very impractical - too heavy, big and uncomfortable on my head. So I decided to salvage the sock yarn and make proper socks out of it. I didn't use any pattern - just my regular toe up socks with fish lips kiss heels, 64 sts on 2.5 mm circular needles, half ribbing for the feet and full 2x2 ribbing for the legs.

The socks turned a bit too colorful even for husband, who loves orange socks, but he claims they are super comfortable and they fit him perfectly, so he doesn't mind the loud coloring. And anyway, it's just socks.

I named these Birch Tree Socks, as the yarn reminds me of birch trees in the autumn, when their leaves turn yellow and orange on a background of white, grey and black birch bark.

Pattern: Birch Tree socks (personal pattern)
Yarn: Alize Superwash, hand dyed, 70 g
Needle: 2.5 mm
Time to knit: 3 weeks

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  1. What a great way to salvage yarn you didn't like as a cowl. They're funky and wild like an animal coat of camouflage.