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Burda 6849 Sleeveless Shirt

And the second shirt I sewed for Gaby this summer, which she still hasn't seen or measured - another Burda 6849 shirt. This is my fourth shirt out of this pattern, but this time I decided to make it sleeveless. The fabric is shirting cotton with some body, which looks like chambray (maybe it is chambray, I don't know). Anyway, I decided to give the shirt a bit of a denim vibe, so I used light brown thread for the decorative seams, metal buttons and I added a small tag on the pocket.

Modifications to the pattern. I traced size 34 and shortened it 1 cm above the bust and 1 cm above the waist. I kept the length at the sides, but shortened the central length by 5 cm, thus making the hem less curved and the whole shirt much shorter than the original, which goes way below the hips.

To make the shirt sleeveless, I obviously omitted the sleeves and I also took in 2 cm from the shoulders. I still don't know if the armscyes will be gaping and should I have raised the side seams by 2 cm to adjust for the widening of the arm opening. I had only 0.8 m of this fabric and I used it to the last bit for the main parts, so I had to make a bias band for the armholes out of auxiliary white fabric. Initially I had planned the shirt with two pockets with flaps, but I didn't have enough fabric for the second pocket. However, I think it was for the best, I like how sleek it looks with the one pocket with the tag.

All of the visible seams are flat felled seams. For the double yoke I used again the burrito method. I also applied varying seam allowances - 1.5 cm for the flat felled seams, 1 cm for the enclosed seams and 2 cm for the hem.

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