Friday, August 9, 2019

Bratislava, Slovakia

The last day of our trip we spent in Bratislava - the capital of Slovakia. Vienna and Bratislava are probably the closest capital cities in the world - only 65 km apart, less than an hour trip by bus. After the luster of Vienna, Bratislava initially struck me as the poor relative - the parks are smaller and less well kept, the buildings are not so grand and spectacular. However, it gradually grew on me and we had a very pleasant walk around the old town and the medieval castle. Definitely worth a day's visit.

: The garden of the  Presidency

: The Presidency with the globe shaped fountain

: Michael's Gate

: The view from the Michael's Tower

: A famous statue - the Watcher

: The old town square

: In St. Martin's Cathedral

: The plague column

: In the gardens of the Castle

: The bridges over Danube. I was born in a town on the river Danube in Bulgaria and I always feel a deep connection to this river.
: The Parliament

: The Blue chirch

: The Archbishop's Palace

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  1. That peeking statue from the ground is so neat. I love art like that.