събота, 1 юли 2017 г.


It's +40C outside, but I've finished a wool shawl :) It's Wheaten from Wool People Vol. 5 collection - lovely and easy lace shawl, which I made in my currently favourite bobbin wool yarn - Zegna Barrufa Cashwool.

Pattern: Wheaten by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Zegna Baruffa Cashwoo, 200 g, 640 m
Needle: 4 mm border, 4.5 mm body
Time to knit: almost a month

I took my time with this shawl - a month is quite a long time for me, but it's hot and not exactly the shawl knitting weather here. However I have plenty of cotton cardigans and blouses and I don't feel like knitting cotton this summer. These Italian bobbin wools are so soft and pleasant to knit, that I've already bought two more sweater-size quantities from the same on-line shop - one is the same Cashwool in orange-red and the other is a mixture of cashmere, merino and silk in juicy red-pink colors. Seems I'm rediscovering wool this summer :)

If I had more of this yarn, I would have probably made my Wheaten bigger, to be used both as a winter accessory and as a summer shawl over dresses. As it is - 153 cm long and 33 cm wide, it is less of a summer wrap, but with our extra hot summer this year who needs wraps anyway!

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