Sunday, July 23, 2017

IBO 2017 Coventry UK

This year for the second (and last) time Gaby takes part in the International Olympiad in Biology, held in Warwick University in Coventry, UK. The team started off early this morning. They all have been preparing for this Olympiad so thoroughly and conscientiously, I hope they manage to show their knowledge and skills to the fullest.

This year I have a small contribution to the team  - I made the accessories for the opening and closing ceremony - belts
coin necklaces

and forehead bands.

We bought the traditional bucks, coins, chains, motif bands and red satin bands and I assembled the accessories.

The forehead bands are also lined and adjustable with velcro.

Probably the most time-consuming but entertaining job - assembling the traditional triple coin necklaces out of chains, rings, coins and fasteners.These are meant for the closing ceremony.

Three sets of each for the three girls:

Printscreen shots from the life stream video of the opening ceremony. The team was lovely, they made me so proud! And a big bravo to the organizers, I loved the ceremony and the key speech by Nobel Prize Winner Sir Paul Nurse was so inspiring, it made me want to be a young scientist :)


  1. Very exciting! Good luck to Gaby!

    1. Thank you! We are still so excited, she won a silver medal!