Saturday, July 8, 2017

In Rila Mountains - Ovchartzi

Pictures from today's hike in the Rila Mountains. We were in the village of Ovchartzi and visited two eco-trails - a very short one, which goes to the foot of the waterfall of the Goritza river and then a steep newly marked trail to a peak above the village - The Big Stone (Goliam kamak).

:: Goritza waterfall at the end of the short eco-trail

:: Along the path to the Big Stone

It was very hot and the entire trail smelled very strongly of pine trees

My most favourite part of the trail - the view to the cascades of Goritza river

 :: Wild strawberries - small but so aromatic and tasty!

:: The peak - Big Stone. The trail climbs up to the top of the stone

:: Alpine rose in bloom! Never seen one before

 :: The view from the top

:: The much higher other peaks of Rila behind

:: It's Google maps live! Villages, roads, mountains spread before one's eyes

 :: Our picnic area - a room with a view

 :: Two falcons

 :: And on the way back  - again a view to the cascades of Goritza


  1. What a great workout for your heart. Lovely views. Seeing a waterfall is always neat. How many have you seen this year?

    1. This year I think only four big waterfalls, two of them frozen. We are a mountainous country with lots of small waterfalls, formed by the tributaries to big rivers. Alas, we don't have anything nearing Niagara or Iguassu :)