Monday, July 24, 2017

Terrace Cafe Puzzle

Yesterday I assembled another puzzle by Anatolian, which is becoming my favourite brand lately. A big puzzle on-line shop had a sale and I bought two puzzles by Sung Kim. When it comes to puzzles I really enjoy his paintings - appealing to the popular eye, without being too cheesy. I wouldn't hung his paintings on the wall, they are obviously haltura, but I find them perfect for puzzles - maybe because they are made to be turned into puzzles, and I much prefer assembling such pictures to puzzles made from photos or classic masterpieces.

Puzzle: Terrace Cafe, by Sung Kim
Brand: Anatolian, 1000 pcs.
Time to assemble: 1 day

This time I spread my puzzle mat on the bed and combined the assembly of the pieces with listening to lectures by Geoffrey West on scale and complexity. It all started with his talk with Sam Harris about his latest book From Cells to Cities, which intrigued me and I must have further listened to at least six or seven lectures of his I found on youtube on the topic. This was a Sunday well spent!

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