Saturday, July 22, 2017

Peak Otovitza - Day Two in Rila

Our second day in Rila started early. From Ivan Vazov Hut we climbed Otovitza peak (2696 m) and then hiked along the ridge of the mountain, enjoying the glorious views from all sides, including the view to all of the Seven lakes at once. The path took us back to Razdela, from where we climbed down by the lakes again, walked through the large plateaus above the Djemdema river, down to Rila Lakes Hut and through a very treacherous and overgrown path back to Pionerska Hut.

Ivan Vazov Hut in the early morning

Small Kalin Peak and Karagyol lake

The Pazardere valley

Up the hill. At some point we lost the trail and hiked the peak vertically through the grasses

Otovitza peak

The views from the peak are magnificent - the entire Rila at a glance

The ridge of Otovitza and Malyovitza in the distance

The valley of Otovitza river and lake Otovitza (peak, lake, river named the same)

The Eye lake. There is a direct path to the lake, but we preferred the longer scenic path along the ridge
On the peak

The horses were grazing quietly near the trail. I was a little uneasy to pass them by, but they were not at all impressed by us

The Tear lake, Lake peak and Haramilyata

The prize picture  - all of the Seven lakes at a glance

Horned lark, protected species

The cal Razdela again

The blue waters of the Eye lake, where we had our snacks

The plateau with the Sunny meadow and peak Otovitza in the distance

Horses, waiting to take tourists, unwilling or unable to walk, to the lakes

Back down the path to Pionerska hut

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