Thursday, June 29, 2017

My DIY Niddy-Noddy

I made my own cheap and easy to make and use niddy-noddy. All credit for the idea goes to Rebeca from ChemKnits and her video tutorial.

My materials:
  • 2 m PVC water pipe, f 20 mm
  • 2 T-shaped pieces, f 20 mm
  • 2 joining pieces, f 20 mm
  • 2 m heat-shrink tube, f 25 mm

I bought my water pipe and joining pieces from our local shop for water piping and staff and it came in one piece and in an ugly industrial grey color. Also, the joining pieces were a bit loose as these are supposed to be glued to the pipe and I wanted my niddy-noddy to be easy to assemble and re-assemble. So I also ordered the heat-shrink tube in this bright yellow color on e-bay. It made the device much more user-friendly and gave the additional thickness the piping parts needed to fit snugly into the joining parts.

I cut my tube into 4 x 15 cm pcs, 1 x 30 cm pc., 1 x 50 cm pc. and 1 x 60 cm pc. Thus I can assemble the niddy-noddy into various lengths. So far I've used it twice and I found the 50 cm length most comfortable for me - it produces a skein of about 1 m length. Rebeca has also a very useful video on how to use the niddy-noddy. The principle is - the yarn has to be on the outside of the device and try not to cross the thread. It's very easy to remove the skein once you've wound the yarn - just disassemble the niddy-noddy.
So happy with my new yellow toy!

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