Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jeans Bag with Knitted Front

Last summer I got the idea to make a small crossover jeans bag with a knitted front. I had some cotton-linen yarn left from Gaby's Freya cardigan and I knitted in into a rectangular panel. The initial idea was for two panels, as wide as the bag, but one shorter in height, so that the jeans panel under it would show partially on the front. However the yarn turned insufficient for two panels and then when I reached the desired size of the knitting, it was not symmetrical to the pattern, so I continued knitting until I had two full repeats of the pattern. But this made the panel too high for my initial idea, in hindsight I should have stuck to my plan, regardless of the asymmetry. Now the knitted panel looks unnatural on the bag, like a patch. The good news is that the stitches could be unpicked and the patch removed and with a couple of decorative pockets the bag would be a regular jeans bag. And this is probably what I'll do after a while.

The jeans textile is recycled from Alex's old jeans and the inside of the bag is made of strong cotton textile.

The bag is closed with a recessed zipper. The lining has one big pocket.

The handle is long and adjustable.

The bag is very light, but big enough for a wallet, phone, keys and my old Kindle, so it's all I need for the summer.

A quick shot of me and the bag fresh out of the sewing machine in the local supermarket.


  1. Много идейно,браво!Много ми хареса и аз бих носила такава с удоволствие.

    1. Благодаря ти! След първия критичен поглед и на мен започна да ми харесва и днес я носих с удоволствие :)

  2. that's a really cute little bag :)

  3. You are crafty. I want to do something with my old jeans now. And thank you for your recent comment. Yes, I think he will like his card. I'll be dropping it off personally at the post office to mail off tomorrow morning.