Monday, January 12, 2015

Zheleznitza in Winter

Yesterday we hiked the trail Zheleznitza-Bistritza, again. This is the most accessible and popular trail near Sofia and it was crowded (for a mountain trail)! I was astonished that so many people hike Vitosha even in winter. The day was quite warm and pleasant, but the trail was difficult to walk - the alternations of sunny days with cold nights and the previous arctic cold days had packed the snow on the trail into ice, and the warm sun yesterday melted the surface of the ice, turning the trail into a skating ring - there were lots of falling people, including each of us :))
The river has frozen on the surface

A panoramic view to Plana, Lozen and the Balkan mountains

The snow covered high ridge of Vitosha

The frozen small waterfall.
It's a pity the pictures show so little of the actual beauty of the place.


  1. What an experience to hike in the snow. The panoramic view was lovely. I think that frozen waterfall was cool. I like the pics your kids took too.

  2. So gorgeous! I can almost smell the pine trees...

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. They're beautiful.