Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Hat and Half a Cowl

I knitted a new hat for me - I'm into beanies this year and most of my previous year hats are slouchies. I wanted to add a pompom too, but Gaby persuaded me that it wouldn't fit me. I don't know ...

Pattern: personal, nothing special, some spaced cables
Yarn: Alize Lanagold Classic, 70 g, dark green color
Needle: 3.5 mm rib, 4 mm body
Time to knit: a couple of days

Pictures taken in front of the Central Mineral Baths (now museum)

I had bought two skeins of yarn, intending to make a set with a cowl. I actually knitted half of it, when I grew cold to the idea. I have plenty of scarfs and cowls and I rarely use them, and I already have a green cowl that goes well with the hat. Global warming is acutely felt in our corner of the globe, where warm, autumn-like winters are becoming the rule, not the exception. Apart from a week of cold weather around New Year, the temperatures this winter so far have been well above 0C, more in the range of 5-10C and above. The snowdrops in front of our building are already in bloom! So I bought three more skeins, ripped the cowl and I'm using the yarn to make Monte Rosa. It's probably not the best yarn choice for the pattern, as it is dark and the cables are not very visible, but still, so far I like it.


  1. Great beanie. I like how you reveled up your nice dress with it.

  2. Great! I love beanies, yours is really beautiful :)