Saturday, January 19, 2013

Venice Puzzle

Name: Venice by Sam Park
Brand: Schmidt, 1000 pcs
Time to assemble: one day

January 18th, early in the morning

I LOVE Venice!!! Or at least my idea of it, as I still haven't been there. The assembling of this puzzle was such a delight and it constantly reminded me of Lara Croft II, the Venice adventure, which is one of my most favorite Lara Croft locations :)

January 18th, midday

Not only is the puzzle so colorful and pleasant, but it is also only 1000 pcs., so it somehow got assembled in between work only in the course of a day.

January 18th, late in the evening

This is our first Schmidt puzzle and we are very pleased with it. The pieces are cut into all shapes and forms and there is almost no danger of misplacement, everything fits very neatly. And the variety of pictures is also great.
There was a promotion in a local book store, so we bought three 1000 pcs. Schmidt puzzles. It was probably a good thing that half of the items on our wish list were already sold out :)


  1. I'm really impressed that you worked that puzzle in one day!

    1. I should have probably included a confession - the puzzle got assembled, but dinner was irreparably burnt - I got carried away while stewing the meat :) Next time I hope I will not forget at least to turn on the timer :)

  2. You pick such interesting puzzles. The scene is so vivid!