Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everyone by Reint Withaar Puzzle

Puzzle: Everyone by Reint Withaar
Manufacturer: Jumbo 1500 pcs.
Time to assemble: 8 days

This is the second puzzle from Amazon we got last November. We were saving its assembly for the three days off around New Year, so we opened it late in the evening of December 29th.

It was meant to be a family venture, but hubby quickly lost interest, the children busied themselves elsewhere, so it was all left to me. Mine. My precious. Mwahahaha :)
This is how it looked on the morning of December 30th, when still in my pajamas and a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I entered the living room.

Same situation - the day after, December 31 st:

Blissful leisure days ... Until the early afternoon, when I had to put the puzzle aside and start preparing the New Year dinner, it was almost assembled:

In the morning of the first day of the New Year the puzzle was almost done, but for the blue sky part.

And here I hit a rock. This is the first Jumbo puzzle I've assembled and it's definitely of much lower quality than Ravensburger or even Educa. The pieces are a bit thinner, only classic puzzle shapes and too many exactly the same shapes and sizes, so there were many misfitted pieces. This is always a nuisance, but when assembling the almost unidentifiable sky the misfitting turned into a nightmare. In the end I lost interest and left it untouched for a few days. Until last night when I decided it was high time it was done and finished with. I'm fairly certain there are still a few misfitted pieces of the sky, but who cares ...
Not I, anyway :)


  1. Oh, wow! What a patient and persistent puzzler you are. Eight days is fast! It must me meditative for you with this activity. Do you keep the puzzle together or it's just the process and thrill for you.

    1. Thank you, Kepanie! For me the thrill is in the process, in a few days after the puzzle is assembled, I put the pieces back in the box. A similar passion for me is cross stitching, though I have a few cross stitched pieces hanging on the walls, but most of them are in a box.