четвъртък, 10 януари 2013 г.

Opulent Raglan

Pattern: Opulent Raglan by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: YarnArt Pure Merino 100% wool, 290 g
Needle: 3.5 mm
Time to knit: two weeks

1. Ribbing 1x1 at the hem for 10 rows
2. Made the sleeves long and "romantic".
3. Added 2 sts to each sleeve at the top of the raglan by casting on 4 sts for each sleeve instead of 2.
4. Raised the neckline a few rows by adding the central pattern before the separation of the sleeves.

The pattern is easy to follow, well written, lots of stockinette stitch with a beautiful cabled front to keep things interesting. The hem is supposed to be double folded, but most people on Ravelry wrote that they had issues with that and replaced it with a rib. The sleeves tend to be too narrow, that's why I added a few stitches, knowing my usual sleeve width. I did the sleeves in the round - a slow process, but lately I kind of prefer seamless sleeves.

A few notes on the yarn: a bit splitty, low elasticity, so not the best yarn for cables. The texture felt itchy before wet blocking, but after I let it soak in lukewarm water and softener the sweater feels pleasant to the skin. However the stitches relaxed more than expected and the sleeves are now an inch longer than planned - I don't mind, I did mean them to have that vintage romantic look.

15 коментара:

  1. You are such a pro sweater knitter! And in two weeks? You must be monogamous!

  2. that is BEAUTIFUL! I love what you did to the sleeves :)

  3. This is a treat sweater, love your neckline! And love the pictures - I want some snow too!

  4. Your sweater is beautiful and looks fantastic on!

  5. Another gorgeous sweater. You must be the best-dressed woman in the neighbourhood :) I'm really impressed at how perfectly your garments fit!

  6. TWO WEEKS! You're remarkable. It looks like it fits perfectly. Very nicely done.

  7. That sweater is amazing! I can't believe you made it so quickly.

  8. I love how long the sleeves are! That was the first thing I noticed, I always have an issue with sleeves being too short. Very impressive to have whipped that up in 2 weeks, wish I could work that quickly. Congratulations it's gorgeous!

  9. I would say you achieved your goals. Beautiful sweater.