петък, 1 февруари 2013 г.

Red Borika

Pattern: Borika Gloves (personal pattern)
Yarn: YarnArt Pure Merino, 100% wool, 50 g, 140 m
Needle: DPNs 3.5 mm (US 4)

This is the second pair of Borika Gloves I've knitted, incorporating some minor modifications (improvements) to the original pattern I made for me in green. The yarn is the same pure merino I used for the first Borika, but white and hand dyed in red. Alas, I'm unable to shoot reds with my camera, I really don't know why, but the colors always turn out very different from the real thing. The brim of the gloves is knitted with a small amount of the yarn I dyed with a mixture of lighter and darker red, in an imitation of dye-dipping. The transition is much more subtle and natural in real life colors.

This pattern is free and downloadable in English from here:

8 коментара:

  1. lovely pattern.....how generous of you to share it!!! I woke up this morning to single digit temperatures; some gloves might be just the thing to start today!!! (yes, I'm the kind who starts to knit a sweater when I get cold, too)

  2. I love the bright red colour of your gloves. Great pictures too.

  3. Какъв прекрасен цвят червено!