Monday, February 18, 2013

Cute Hearts Hat

Name: Cute Hearts Hat
Pattern: From Norway with Love
Yarn: Alize Cashmira 100% wool in
black, purple, violet and pink
Needle: 3. 5 mm rib, 4 mm body
Double brim 88 sts, body 110 sts (11 repeats)
Time to knit: two days

I know, last you checked, no such hat was listed as a WIP on my blog and I said I had more than enough on my needles. So how did it happen that early Saturday morning I picked up my needles, knitted a few rounds of my Mystic Pullover and then all of a sudden began pulling out various Cashmira yarns and cast on a new hat?

Here's how it all began:
1. On Friday night gvozdiShe published a new outfit, featuring her cream color Verena sweater. I love that sweater, so Saturday morning, while drinking my coffee, I searched her on Ravelry, tagged her in my friends' list and browsed the other Barthilde projects.
2. Nadinkova's Barthilde is just gorgeous, so I favoured it, looked her up (no blog, alas) and browsed through her other projects. I noticed, that she mentioned Lena.
3.Nadinkova's latest sweater - Parlan (beautiful work, again!) also mentioned Lena with a link to her Ravelry profile. So I went to look up Lena.

4. Bee-Lena is another sophisticated knitter and she also blogs. So - on to her blog.
5. I subscribed to her blog and browsed through it - plenty of beautiful knitting and sewing projects, including masterfully made coats! (I'm so glad I studied Russian and English in school! Thus I have most of the knitting blogs world wide covered. But of course, when your mother tongue is spoken by some 7 mln. natives and a couple of foreigners, you just have to study languages :)

6. I was intrigued by a grey cardigan and clicked on the page. And there I also saw the From Norway with Love hat with hearts. I've had that hat on my Ravelry queue for more than a year, I think. So that was it - the last drop - I had to make this hat NOW. I immediately imagined it in black with purple and pink hearts and I had just the yarn needed.

So I set aside my turquoise sweater, dug out the Cashmira balls and cast on the hat.

Do you proceed any similar to that when casting on a new project :))) ?

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  1. Oh that's cute! Isn't it funny the way things like that happen sometimes? I've felt before that if a pattern keeps popping up on my radar or pops up some time later, it's "meant to be!"

  2. This is a fabulous hat. The black sets off each color. Your daughter is a beauty. Love how she's a blader.

  3. Lovely hat, nice colours and I bet it is nice and warm. I'm sharing a knitted dolly this week.

  4. Great hats. I love the colours you have used.

  5. I m in the middle of 4 wips, but just had to cast on a 5th when the yarn arrived for some felted clogs. I just had to see how they would progress since I am using Kureyon to stripe them upper. I can't imagine knitters who only knit one thing start to finish and never stray. The hat is precious!

  6. I'm going to cast-on and knit this pattern for myself! I love it! The purple hearts are really neat with the black.

  7. The hat is lovely but it's more lovely when your daughter wears it. She looks so happy.

    Here's my FO:

  8. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award.
    You can read more about it here: