Friday, January 5, 2024

My Make Nine in 2024

My third in a row Make Nine Challenge. I love this game at the beginning of the year, as it allows me to get out of the rut of sewing easy and easily wearable everyday t-shirts, hoodies and pants and to plan for different types of makes and different fabrics. Even if I don't make these 9, I would still like to have them in my head as a possibility. 

All of the patterns I have chosen this year are ones I already own and a couple of them have been on my list every year. I seem to want to make them, but never get to them. Maybe 2024 will be the year I finally do.

Of last year's Make Nine list, I made 4 - an improvement, I think, in 2022 it was only three of nine :) So, I sewed the Sinclair Lotte Hoodie, twice, once as a sweatshirt knit hoodie and once as a viscose blouse with thumbhole cuffs, which turned one of my favourite blouses last year. 

Then I made the Nightwear from Love Notions for my mother and I believe she loved it. 

I also sewed the Fleece Jacket Burda 6337 from their 2019 catalogue. To test the pattern, I made it from a fleece sweater of my husband, which was too big on him. I did not appreciate the design and didn't repeat it for Gaby, as I had initially intended. Nevertheless, I should acknowledge, that I've worn it a lot at home, as it is comfy and warm. 

And finally I made the Flared Jeans, which I am still to photograph and blog these coming days.

My new Make Nine for 2024 try to reflect my desire to make dresses, coats and jeans.

1. Sinclair Apollo Hoodie. This one I transfer from last year, mostly because I printed and cut the pattern, but never sewed it. I'm not so fond of it as of now, but I'll give it a try, it might surprise me.

2. Boyfriend Cardigan by Love Notions. I want to make this for Gaby, though I did make her two new layer pieces last December. But she claims she always needs layer pieces and her laboratory is quite cold.

3. Willow Wrap Dress by Love Notions. I'm definitely making this for myself, I have a feeling this could be a great summer dress just in my style.

4. Classic straight Burda Jeans, #120 04/2010. I was not very happy with the fit of the two pairs of jeans I made last year, despite testing a muslin first. I think I want to start afresh this year with a new jeans pattern.

5. Marlene Pants, Burda #104 02/2020. I've made these once for myself, now I plan a pair for Gaby. Last summer she liked one of my wide legged pants and wore it while in Bulgaria, clearly she needs a pair of her own. 

6. Coat Burda #102 10/2021. I'm not entirely sure if this is the coat pattern I want to start with, but I want to try it, as I've seen so many beautiful versions of it on the site.

7. New cargo pants for husband. Last year I had promised him a new pair, as he lost quite a lot of weight and his old cargo pants, which he wears on almost every hike, are actually rather loose on him. I have the pattern, the fabric, the zipper and the buttons, I only need to get down to work and make it.

8. Some formal dress for Gaby out of silk, viscose or georgette. I still haven't found the perfect pattern for her, but this Burda #126 01/2015 is very feminine with interesting shoulder details, so I might try it.

9. Summer shorts for Alex. The pattern I have is Burda #137 04/2016 and I've been meaning to make it for him for such a long time, maybe this summer I will.

OK, the pledge is done, the list is made, now on to making some clothes :)

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