Saturday, January 6, 2024

Gaby's Fleece Jacket

One of the two jackets I made this winter for Gaby - the fleece jacket. I had promised her a fleece jacket a long time ago and in my head it had to be very close to one she already has had for many years and adores - raglan, zippered, with a high collar and welt pockets. 

I explored a number of patterns, mostly in my mind, some with muslins, and in the end I decided on the Journey Zip Up Raglan Hoodie by Sinclair Patterns. Halfway through sewing Gaby's jackets I hit a rock at the zipper - the layers of fleece fabric around the pockets were becoming too thick and I was debating various options. To clear my head, I took out my piece of Andean striped knit fabric and made my Andean Jacket.

Having finished it successfully, I returned to Gaby's fleece jacket and completed it. Looking back, I might have done a few things differently, but it fits her well, she likes it and it is unbelievably warm, so I am pretty happy.

Size: Regular shortened -3 cm, 4 S
Fabric: Fleece
Time to make: 2 weeks

As in my own version of the pattern, I modified the pattern collar, adding height and some gathering at the front, otherwise I believe I kept the pattern more or less as it is.


Although this is the same pattern as my Andean jacket, it has a completely different vibe in its solid color and fleece fabric. Now I think of making one for myself as well :)

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