Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Ravensburger Puzzle Mediterranean Harbour

It's been almost three years, since I last assembled a puzzle. I've had this Ravensburger puzzle for several years, but somehow the moment for its assembly never came - until this New Year. 

I had meant to take it out earlier, but was so busy with sewing and cooking, that the first free moment came in the evening of January the 1st. Husband was intrigued and quickly joined me in the assembly and in the end he assembled the greater part of it.

Puzzle: Mediterranean Harbour
Manufacturer: Ravensburger 1500 pcs.
Time to assemble: 3 days

:Starting January 01 in the evening

:Morning January 02

:Evening January 02

:Evening January 03


Assembling this puzzle was a true pleasure, Ravensburger is a reputable make and the quality of the puzzle was perfect, the pieces joined ideally and the colors were well chosen. It reminded me why I like assembling puzzles and I feel like repeating the pleasure soon. However I have so many puzzles that I feel more like taking out some of the old ones, rather than buying a new one. 

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