Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Rendezvous on Myconos Schmidt Puzzle

Last week was a ve-e-ery long weekend in Bulgaria, Easter plus St. George's Day, a whole 10-days mini-vacation (for some). Students had their Easter holidays, Gaby's boyfriend was visiting us and all in all it was a very nice, festive and fun week. I hadn't assembled puzzles in years, so I decided it was the ideal time to open one of my latest acquisitions - it is a Sam Park's picture, made into a 1000 pcs puzzle by Schmidt.

I opened the puzzle on May 1st and finished it on May 10th - it took me the whole 10 day vacation to assemble it, slowly and gradually placing a piece here and there. I enjoyed the process, but I think I'm ready to part with my puzzles, as I've gathered quite a collection and I don't see myself assembling them a second time - somehow my heart is not so much into puzzles any more.

Some process pictures - this is from May 5th 

On May 7th I had assembled most of the pieces

On the morning of May 10th - I finished it later that day.


Close ups:
Puzzle: Rendezvous on Myconos by Sam Park
Brand: Schmidt 
Size: 1000 pcs.
Time to assemble: 10 days

I have one more unopened puzzle to assemble and I plan not to buy any more puzzle before I have done it, who knows when. It is curious how hobbies come and go :)


  1. How patient and persistent you were. I haven't put together a puzzle for ages. I don't think I've ever assembled a 1000 piece one.

    1. Thank you, I enjoy such activities, requiring patience :) However this one did take me quite a lot of time, as it was a very busy week.