Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sabrina Slims

I am a big fan of Love Notions patterns, especially as they specialize in knits and I love to wear and to sew with knits. The Sabrina Slims have been on my radar for quite some time, and though I bought a couple of Burda patterns for similar close fitting pants, in the end I decided to buy the Love Notions pattern and try it.

This is my first version out of some ponte fabric. The fabric is pretty perfect for the pattern - it has great horizontal stretch (I would say 40%) and almost no vertical stretch, it is stable and easy to work with.

For my first make of the pattern I decided not to make a proper muslin (I don't have a similar fabric for a muslin), but to try and correct the pattern as much as I can and make an wearable muslin. For that sake I chose the most simple version of the pants - no front pockets, back patch pockets instead of the more tricky alternative welt pockets, no split hems or zippers. All of these interesting features will come in my next versions, once I have perfected the fit.

The corrections I made - although I cut the smallest size, the pants were gaping at the back, so I took them in by 2 inches and I respectively shortened the belt by 2 inches. The issues I am left with, that could not be remedied on the already cut pieces - the front rise is too high on me and I think I could do with a little more space at the legs from the mid-thighs down, as I would prefer the pants not to be so close fitting. 

The major feature of the pattern that persuaded me to buy it (so far this is the most expensive pattern in my collection) is that it comes with a fitting work book. The book includes common fitting issues and methods for correction. So, judging by the fit of the pants on these photos, next time I will try a combination of several corrections - high rise, flat pubis, low seat and flat seat corrections, which I hope will improve the fit. But even without these corrections the pants feel quite comfortable and I do intend to wear them this summer.

Size: 0
Fabric: ponte, 100% polyester
Time to make: 3 days


  1. Your pants print reminds me of a pair of pants I had bought at Nordstrom Rack for my cousin's wedding two years ago. I hope to get into sewing pants soon, woven ones first.

    1. Pants are definitely trickier than most other garments, but there are some pretty simple patterns for beginners, you could probably try with an elastic at the waist.