Monday, February 17, 2020

Baylovo 2020

It is really stunning how the geographic location determines so much the landscapes we roam, especially in the transitional periods of the year. While it was still winter on Tumba, in sunny Baylovo, located between the Balkans, Vitosha and Lozen mountains, it was almost springtime, with crocuses in blossom and green fields of crops. We love our spring hikes around Baylovo so much!

Some of the fields are ready for the spring seeds, others have already growing autumn crops

The day was so nice, warm and sunny, with picturesque white puffy clouds scattered in the sky

The track was very muddy and not easy to walk along

The snow covered peaks of the Balkans  in the distance

The village of Baylovo

St. Spas chapel on top of Spasova mogila

The fields of Baylovo and the village of Golema Rakovitza in the distance. We continued our hike downhill and along the tracks between the fields

The southern side of the hill was covered with hundreds of yellow and purple crocuses

Spasova mogila from the southern fields

Baylovo and the white cap of peak Murgash in the distance

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  1. I always find it amazing to see flowers pushing up through during or near the end of winter. It's like a miracle of life and fight for life to be present again.