Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Cushion

I made a new mitered square cushion. I'm not happy with the Sabrina Cardigan I started back in May, so I thought of some small project that would keep my taste for knitting while figuring out what to do with the bigger project. I have lots of YarnArt Jeans scrap yarn and I also had a piece of the upholstery fabric for the back of the cushions, so I made a new one.

I don't think I planned the color distribution that well this time - who knew that the pink-chartreuse combination would look very much like the lilac-bright yellow combination, and placing them next to each other would turn a mistake:

I tried to plan the combinations for each row in advance, but often changed my mind in the course of knitting. My guidelines were - never place the same color in neighboring squares, try to combine light with dark colors and to distribute colors evenly throughout.

So this is how it turned in the end. I added a double border in off-white, as with the previous two cushions.

We've been using the old cushions every day for two years now and the colors have faded a little, but otherwise they are still very soft and comfy and very easy to maintain:


  1. Fantastic pillows. They're fresh and modern.

  2. Love those cushions! So colorful, so powerful :D Great!