Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Linderhof Castle, Germany

This is perhaps my most favourite castle of all - it's very heavily ornate in neo-Rococo style that nowadays would be considered kitsch, but correlated to its time it is stunning and exquisite. It is also the only one of Ludwig II's castles, that was actually finished.

The grounds of the castle - lush green grass and 
of course a pond with swans (which Gaby fed with grass :)

 The hunting lodge

The tunnel which leads to the cave of Venus

Venus Grotto - an artificial cave with a golden boat, stalagmites, stalactites and even
a waterfall. It was inspired by the story about Tannhäuser and Wagner's opera

The Moroccan House

The Moorish Pavilion

The view from the top alcove

The two gardens on the sides of the castle

The Venus Temple

A few snaps of the postcards showing the inside of the castle:
The bed chamber with crystal candelabra

 The music room with tapestries

 The hall of mirrors

 The dining room with another self-serving table as in Herrenchiemsee

 The audience hall

 The tapestry room

 Venus Grotto

Inside the Moroccan House

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