Monday, August 24, 2015

Divergent Chocolate Cake

I'm not a fan of the Divergent movies and frankly, I do not plan to read the books, but when I came upon this Dauntless themed cake only days before Gaby's birthday, my hands itched to try it - such a simple but brilliant decoration idea!

This is the video you want to check out for the decoration, and for the ingredients I used the recipe in this Bulgarian blog.

The "ashes" are crumbs from the cake.

The logs are chocolate filled waffles:

The flames are caramel. I melted about 75 g of white sugar and poured the hot liquid caramel with a spoon on cooking paper and waited for it to cool.

And I added small brown sugar candies for the coal:

Amazingly, it not only looks cool, it's actually super delicious, it was a smashing success as a birthday cake. Yummy! :)))


  1. Hot diggity! This cake decoration looks great! I haven't read that series. I listened to some of the first book on YouTube but that's about it.