Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Neuschwanstein and the Bavarian Alps Romantic Road

Finally I went through the dozens of pictures of Bavaria's Disney castle to choose a few to tell the story of our journey there. As expected, the site was packed with tourists, the day was hot and there was some surreal atmosphere in the air - high above our heads was visible the castle, so well known from pictures, puzzles, brochures and what not, that it's actual existence seemed a bit unnatural.

The view from the observation platform. The place of the castle is chosen brilliantly, 
hanging on the rocks above the gorgeous Alpine valley

Unfortunately, the Marienbrucke bridge was closed for repair works

The view from a terrace of the castle

A model of the castle

The castle of Ludwig II's parents - Hohenschwangau

The Museum of the Bavarian Kings - Gaby and I went through it, 
a bit in a hurry, as our time was quite limited

In the end of the day we cooled our feet (as plenty other tourists - 
the day was amazingly hot for the Alps) in the calm waters of the Alpsee

And just a few snaps through the windows of the bus - the Bavarian Romantic Road, which runs through green pastures and small pretty villages, absolutely amazing scenery

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  1. What a wonderful place. That castle is majestic and classy.