Sunday, August 16, 2015

Borovetz, The Black Rock

I'm breaking my series of posts about the Bavarian Castles with a short report from yesterday's trip to Borovetz in the Rila mountains. Husband and I tried to escape from the heat in the city and hiked the popular track to the Black Rock formation in the mountain resort of Borovetz. It is a very easy level track, which runs through the pine forests of the resort and reaches the high rock over the spring of Maritza river, providing panoramic views over the valley.

We started the track from Rila hotel near the Sitnyakovo chair-lift. Though the path is popular and wide, it wasn't properly marked and we relied mostly on our GPS device.

The rowan trees with their beautiful orange 
and red berries stood out among the pine trees:

 We had our picnic lunch in this pavilion near the Black rock:

On our way back we stopped at Stork's Nest - 
a popular picnic area on the Iskar Reservoir

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  1. As usual your pictures take my breath away! I really admire your trips, there is so much beauty in the world - thank you for showing your part of this wonderful world to us!